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Holistic Sensual Touch
+ Conscious Sexuality Mentorship.

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I draw upon a vast repertoire of teachings, including Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, Taoist Alchemy, Kundalini Yoga, and both Classical + Neo-Tantra, to create my own unique expression of spiritual + erotic artistry.I offer the powerful gift of my unconditional loving presence + embodiment of the Divine Feminine to expand your experience of liberation, joy, bliss, + inner knowing.

Meet Iva Vest

Greetings Beloved Soul.I'm Iva, an experienced Certified Holistic Health Coach, Conscious Sexuality Teacher, + Intuitive Guide.I have devoted my life + work to the study of the healing arts + sacred sexuality.

My studies have taken me into the depths of ancient practices where I have discovered methods to bridge the old ways with our modern lives.This is my sacred invitation to you.
I invite you to enter this temple space + access these sacred technologies.
I have created an epic menu of temple offerings designed to revitalize your energy, reconnect you to your power, + SO MUCH MORE.

I am here. Ask me anything.
I'm excited to connect! See you inside.


Conncetion Call

During this call, we will determine if we are a good fit to take the next step toward working together to expand your awareness + to embrace a new understanding of the human body, mind, + spirit.

5 Elements Touch Bodywork Journey

5 Elements Touch Massage is a journey into sacred touch through the elements of EARTH, WATER, FIRE, AIR, + ETHER designed to balance the energy centers of the body, cultivate healthy energy flow through the body, + explore the energies of the body through touch, breath, sound, movement, and play.

Benefits of Holistic Sensual Touch:

- Cleanse + purify the physical body of toxins + impurities
- Cure common illnesses + dysfunctions
- Unblock important energy channels within the body
- Eliminate blockages of various kinds
- Increase sensitivity to subtle energies
- Expand your orgasmic + pleasure potential
- Heal from the inside out
- Alleviate stuck emotions
- Clear the mind
- Cultivate a sense of joy + contentment
- Energize and open the heart for health + healing purposes
- Empower a person toward clarity + success

Sessions Include:

- Sacred bodywork
- Energy clearing
- Sound healing
- The power of being held
- Deep breathing
- Gentle movement
- Voice activation

Courageous Life Design offers 1:1 and 2:1 private sessions for men, women, + couples in the Washington, DC Metro Area. Sessions may include holisitic health counseling, somatic therapies, tantric bodywork, yoga, breathwork, energy balancing, sound healing, emotional release exercises, + transformational life coaching.

Elevate your Connection Through Private Couples Tantra Sessions in DC

“Tantra is primarily about uniting love, spirituality, + sexuality
with awareness.” ~Osho

Our immersive sessions are designed to introduce you + your partner to basic tantra practices, attune to your energy + that of your partner, and to cultivate a deeper connection.Learn how to deepen intimacy by cultivatiing presence, energy attunement, + authentic communication.Discover new ways of connecting to yourself + to your partner through the tantric arts.

What is Tantra?

Tantra is an ancient spiritual practice that originated in India thousands of years ago. Although it's mostly associated with sexuality in the West, Tantra is truly a holistic spiritual practice encompassing all the senses, breathwork, movement, sounds, sensations, meditation, yoga, mindfulness, play + pleasure.Tantra gives us a set of simple yet profound tools to help us get out of our heads + back into our bodies through our hearts.

Tantra is also referred to as Sacred Sexuality. Through the unification of humanness (your sexuality) + spirituality (your divinity) you can come into Sacred Union with yourself + others.Sacredness arises when you get curious about the patterns, energies, emotions, thoughts, and experiences that arise when you bond with another person. This leads you to understand yourself in deeper ways.

Meet Your Guides

Iva Vest’s passion is embodying + sharing tools for authentic, conscious living, + holistic wellness. Through her work as a Certified Transformational Health + Intimacy Coach, she lives to witness + inspire others toward true self-love + greatness by powerfully facilitating awareness of their true path, reminding them that all they desire is available to them, in every moment.

She is a dynamic, spirited lover of nature, food, movement, + the raw experience of being human. Iva's extensive dance + yogic background fosters a deep love for sacred movement, which provides a strong framework for cultivating the mind/body awareness available throughout her offerings.

Ross Lewin is a confidence coach + conscious erotica producer, passionate about movement + connection. His background in men's work, intentional breathing, tantra, + sensual partner dance lead his offerings into deep attunement with energy.

He supports clients by grounding together into the safety of powerful communication through inspired words + intentional touch. Together, you will powerfully + playfully craft many recipes of deep worship + devotion, while boldly asking for what you want. This is Ross' vision for you.

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