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Holistic Sensual Touch

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I draw upon a vast repertoire of teachings, including Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, Taoist Alchemy, Kundalini Yoga, and both Classical + Neo-Tantra, to create my own unique expression of spiritual + erotic artistry.I offer the powerful gift of my unconditional loving presence + embodiment of the Divine Feminine to expand your experience of liberation, joy, bliss, + inner knowing.


Iva Vest

Greetings Beloved Soul.I'm Iva, an experienced Certified Holistic Health Coach, Conscious Sexuality Teacher, + Intuitive Guide.I have devoted my life + work to the study of the healing arts + sacred sexuality.

My studies have taken me into the depths of ancient practices where I have discovered methods to bridge the old ways with our modern lives.This is my sacred invitation to you.
I invite you to enter this temple space + access these sacred technologies.
I have created an epic menu of temple offerings designed to revitalize your energy, reconnect you to your power, + SO MUCH MORE.
I am here.
Ask me anything.
I'm excited to connect!
See you inside.


Conncetion Call

During this call, we will determine if we are a good fit to take the next step toward working together to expand your awareness + to embrace a new understanding of the human body, mind, + spirit.

5 Elements Touch Bodywork Journey

5 Elements Touch Massage is a journey into sacred touch through the elements of EARTH, WATER, FIRE, AIR, + ETHER designed to balance the energy centers of the body, cultivate healthy energy flow through the body, + explore the energies of the body through touch, breath, sound, movement, and play.

Benefits of Holistic Sensual Touch:

Cleanse + purify the physical body of toxins + impurities
Cure common illnesses + dysfunctions
Unblock important energy channels within the body
Eliminate blockages of various kinds
Increase sensitivity to subtle energies
Expand your orgasmic + pleasure potential
Heal from the inside out
Alleviate stuck emotions
Clear the mind
Cultivate a sense of joy + contentment
Energize and open the heart for health + healing purposes
Empower a person toward clarity + success

Sessions Include:

Sacred bodywork
Energy clearing
Sound healing
The power of being held
Deep breathing
Gentle movement
Voice activation

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